About me

Just Micci (M ‘ikē)

Just Micci is an anifolk singer-songwriter from a small Acadian village in rural NS. No matter the size of the stage, Micci’s storytelling will draw you in. Dancing effortlessly between poetry and music, Micci weaves sings songs of love, deep care, nature and connection.

Just Micci is an antifolk singer-songwriter from a small Acadian fishing village in rural Miꞌkmaꞌki, Turtle Island (Nova Scotia, {Canada} North America). This slow-paced living really lent a hand in cultivating their exploration of the arts. 

Spending hours tree-singing, winter dipping, cooking, learning fibre arts from their mother, or traditional Acadian dance from their grand-mère, Micci cultivated a deep appreciation for their history, the earth and building a slow practice. “Whenever things things seem to be a whirlwind or unsettled, I can find grounding through connecting to the earth, movement, music, poetry and breath.”

Much of Micci’s music reflects the land on which they were born and includes strong themes of love, connection to the earth, connection to community, the environment, exploring their roots and inner reflection. These themes sometimes are wrapped up in a comedic skin, and sometimes in a soft folk ballad and sometimes explores jazzy or other styles. They believe that the words are at the core of their art and the music that wishes to exist as a result of those words will follow suit.

Micci’s heritage on their mother’s side is Irish, Scottish and English. Their mother is a piano teacher (just like her mother before her) and passed that skill (along with a few others) on to Micci. Piano plays a strong role in Micci’s song-writing. 

Micci’s roots on their father’s side are Métis and Acadian. Micci grew up in the childhood home that their father and Grand-père build together, a quick walk through the forest to their grandparents’ home. A lot of the area used to be a blueberry field until their grandparents planted many of the trees that now make up the lush forest. Micci remembers wandering there as a child to learn traditional step dancing from their Grandmère and hanging out and eating dried fish and rapure.

Micci likes to focus on the process in all of their practices and likes to be as open as possible about this process to overcome the illusion of effortless success. “I believe there is no such thing as “finished” so all I can do is share where I am right now, without judgment. Move with love through the journey. We are all artists, we are all scientists, we are all mathematicians. For all these things are only tools to understand the world and they need to be made accessible.”

Although they grew up in a small town, it was rich in culture and the arts. Their grandmère founded “La Baie en Joie” which is a traditional Acadian step-dancing group, their mother ran a children’s choir and teaches piano. Their grandmère would always say, “now all we need is theatre”. Those wishes were fulfilled when Micci developed a strong draw to theatre and began writing children’s musicals. They now put them on as summer theatre camps for youth in the Annapolis Valley and the French shore. “Theatre, the art of storytelling and getting to connect with the campers for the past 8 years hugely influenced my music and gave perspective to my values and principals. You cannot work with children and not be held accountable for your actions and beliefs.”

Now Micci lives on a vegetable farm and continues to record, write, dance, play and perform. Since the world has slowed down a little, Micci is taking this time to expand their skills at mixing and mastering and the digital side of music-making. Micci is currently putting together a digital choir with many of their students from summer camp.

Whether Micci is sharing music on a large stage, a house concert or a live stream, their music feels intimate. Weaving effortlessly between storytelling, poetry and song Micci shares their stories of love for all beings.




    Singles –
  • Dandelion – November 17, 2017
  • Lady song – January 12, 2018
  • Human – February 2, 2018
  • Thank you song – February 6, 2018
  • I’ve got the Fire – February 13, 2018
  • Cutting Onions – February 3, 2020
  • The Ocean is the Medicine – March 21, 2020
  • Who gives a Cr** – March 26, 2020
  • I’ve got the fire”, “Thank You Song”, “Human”, “Lady Song”, “Dandelion”

  • “Rock the Boat” – March 31, 2017
  • “Summer Interlude” – July 6, 2020

  • “Beelonging” album – October 23, 2019