Songwriting Course

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Songwriting is a tool that anyone can learn to wield. No one is born knowing how to write music in the same way that no one is born knowing how to use a hammer or solve equations. Sometimes people can be turned off of songwriting because they don’t see themselves as creative or because they’re starting later in life or because they don’t think they have anything important to say. 

But I think we can learn from everyone and everyone has something of value to share. So you can use song to share your story and perspective and people can learn from your shared insight or they can experience a sense of community or solidarity from hearing your music. 

The human experience is a creative process therefor, merely by existing, you are a creative being. So don’t deny yourself certain tools to help guide you through the creative process of being human just because you didn’t start practicing when you were younger. 

We don’t say “well I didn’t start learning how to speak French when I was three so there’s no point in starting now.” We’d never learn anything new if we thought like that.

So don’t deny yourself the use of other tools just because society has deemed them creative.

When we first learn to use a new tool it can be a little messy and difficult. But the more we practice it the better we get at it. So let’s be patient with ourselves, get a little out of our comfort zones a try something new!

In this course we’re going to cover many aspects of songwriting and you’ll have access to a lot songwriting tools. 

In this course we’ll cover:

  • Lyric writing
  • Melody writing
  • Keyboard theory
  • Accompaniment writing

And you’ll get access to:

  • Songwriting prompts/exercises
  • Worksheets
  • In-depth explanation videos
  • My private Patreon-only Facebook page where I’ll share regular tips and inspiration ideas
  • Karaoke MP3 tracks
  • A list of helpful resources

I’m so excited to share this course with you and be a tool in your songwriting journey. 

If you have any questions, send me an email at and I’ll be happy to help. 

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Micci is an incredible talent!
She creates every aspect of her plays from writing dialogue, to music, to directing, casting and everything before and after and in between.

She has created a summer theatre program for young artists in her community, giving an enormous gift to a very rural community that waits all year for her return.

She values theatre and the artistic need of young, developing artists.

She has created a community of families that all work together with the young performers to produce quality entertainment that engages the audience and the cast and excited a small town.

Micci’s talent and passion must be shared with a larger Nova Scotian audience. More theatre goers hearing about what Micci brings to the theatre world should inspire more artists to mentor young children.

Although this anecdote can not be historically attributed to Winston Churchill, I like to believe he said it, as it truly catches the sentiment of what art brings to humanity, I will share it here:

“When asked to cut arts funding in favour of the war effort, Churchill replied: Then What Are We Fighting For?” – Carmel Peart

Micci’s Musicals’ has been introducing theatre to very fortunate young people in the rural community of Clare every summer for tha last eight years. Auditions, script writing, set design, costume design, music score writing, practising and finally showtime are all accomplished very professionally in only two weeks under Micci’s leadership. Micci accompanies her “actors” calmly and respectfully through all stages from conception to production. Guard Jauden’s words (7 years old) say it all… “That was FUN… can I go to Micci’s next musical camp!” – Janine Saulnier

We have had nothing but positive feedback and positive experiences from Micci’s musicals! Our daughter has been involved for years and this year was back as a camp counselor and loves it all! Micci is cut out to do this and you can tell she loves it from the smiles on the kids’ faces and the stories you hear from these kids of all ages learning about each other, creating together, being inspired and experiencing this wonderful form of art. 

Her musicals are fun, original, and they draw the audience in. – Bonnie Merrill

Micaela Comeau is a talented young woman. We, at CentreStage Theatre in Kenville, Nova Scotia watched her develop as a young person who started with us as an assistant director with our Summer camp program. She then went on to write and submit one of her original scripts. The committee was very interested in working with “Micci” and hired her to direct her play, How the Pea Came to Be. The play was very successful as a summer camp and was well received by campers and audience. The music was easy for the children to learn and remember. The dialogue was interesting on different levels. The play was understood and performed by young actors and appreciated by older audiences.

The camp production was so well received that we decided to add it to the Youth Theatre lineup for the next year. Again, audience members old and young responded enthusiastically.  

– Lana Churchill (Co Director of CentreStage Youth Theatre)